Antratsyt is an average town of eastern Ukraine and is filled with coal mines water problems and Russian nostalgia. A majority of population lives at the edge of poverty, without any chance for better life. Average salary is 1000 hrivnas ( around 100 USD). Some people try to make more money holding several jobs at the same time. Some look for entertainment in the local DK (House of Culture) while the others try to escape into drugs and alcohol. A few rich people in the town are unable or do not care about resolving economical problems of local society. As a result of the dire situation the young generation dreams of leaving the town and going abroad.

Woman´s workers in Slavsant factory

ANTRATSIT TUBE & PIPE WORKS JV SLAVSANT operates on the international market since 1993. The biggest growth of the factory’s capacity was in 2006  some 195 %. The world economical crisis affected the factory only slightly and it continues to operate 24 hours a day in two shifts. More than 300 employees work there and approximately one half of employees are women.  The average factory salary is 1500 Hrivnas, less than 150 Dollars a month. Women work mainly as manual laborers moving material and the final products – iron tubes.  Last year they moved with their hands more than 25 thousand tons of iron tubes, what represents an annual production of the factory.

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